1. What are the rules for driving in the UK?
2. What is the procedure for using the phone?
3. What types of accessories are available in the house?
4. What are some local places I can visit?
5 . Where can I go golfing?
6 . Where can I get the essentials food/newspapers/mail?
7 . Are there tools available?
8 . Where are the keys kept?
9 . Other household supplies?
10 . What do I do with garbage?
11 . Is there a computer available for use?
12. How do I get to Paris?
13. Should I take English money?

14. Where can I eat out?
15. Use of the garden.

16. What are the emergency phone numbers?
17. Car parking.

18. Additional accomodations (B & B's)

1. Driving in the UK
For your safety and the safety of others,
please remember the following traffic rules:
- Drive on the LEFT hand side of the road
- M = Motor way (Thruway)
- A = Main Roads
- Round-A-Bouts = Traffic Circle

When approaching Round-A-Bouts, look to your RIGHT and they have the RIGHT OF WAY. You will soon get used to it as the Brits are very understanding of French, Italian and Americans. Be aggressive going into the circles but stay in your lane until you decide to exit. Go around again if you miss your exit.

In smaller towns and villages the same system operates, but with a circle painted on the road, unlike the “island” usually encountered in metro areas and on major roads. Some villages have adopted a system when there is only room for one car to safely proceed, i.e. narrow bridge. Such places you will see a sign like this

With the white arrow shown you have the right of way. When the RED arrow is pointing forward, the approaching car has the right of way. It is best to give the approaching car the benefit of the doubt.

2. Phone/Internet Connection
The telephone number at Penney Cottage is: 01985 841 062 (for calls in UK).
- To call people inside the (01985) area, you need to only dial the last 6 digits
- To call people outside the (01985) area, you need to know the area code
- To call the USA, dial 001 + area code + number
- Your friends in the USA can call you by dialing 011 44 1985 841 062
- Please do not abuse the phone service and if you make long distance calls, you
_can reimburse me for any excessive costs
See #11 for internet connection.

3. Household Accessories

- In the kitchen cabinet there is a red plastic file that has all the instructions
_ for the CD, TV, vacuum cleaner, iron, refrigerator, washer & dryer, fax
_ machine and dishwasher.
- NOTE: England is on 220V. If you need to use your USA gizmos, I have
_ supplied an adapter and you will find it in the kitchen cabinet.
- There is a hair dryer & curler in the bathroom and a wall socket for electric shavers.

4. Places to Visit
- There is also on file, maps and brochures of places to visit
- The Cotswolds is wonderful for antiques
- Bath is super for architecture, film and theater
- Salisbury is excellent as a city with a market town flavor
- Longleat is close and a wonderful day trip
- Oxford and Stratford – nuff said
- Heytesbury is a lovely village to wander through
_ _ _o Be sure to visit the old mill by following the River Wyle south
_ _ _ofrom behind the Angel Inn
- You can visit Dorchester (Hardy County) and visit the Georgian seaside
_ resort of Weymouth at the same time. Weymouth is best off season.
- Please leave the maps at Penney Cottage

- Visit the Tourist Information Office, located adjacent to the Warminster library.

5. Golfing
- Golf course listings can be found inDentons Directory.
- Bowood, near Calne, is the most challenging in the area & has a dresscode.

6. Food/Newspapers/Mail
- The Heytesbury P.O. (located next to the Red Lion pub) will sell you basic items,
_ i.e. newspapers, bread, milk, cheese, etc.
_This store closes @ 5:30pm & 1pm on Wednesday.
- There are two (2) grocery stores in Warminster. One is located near the train
_ station and is called LIDL (it closes at 6PM). The other is MORRISONS and
_ is located at the bottom of town. It is open seven (7) days a week until 9 PM
_ (6PM on Sunday).

7. Tools
Hammer, pliers, screwdrivers are in the sink unit drawer in the utility room.

8. Keys
These are kept in the wall mounted key cabinet inside of the kitchen on the right
hand side. Please leave them there when you make your final departure, except the one key that was given to you by me. Please return it to me when you get back to the USA.

9 .Odds & Ends
Scissors, tape, flashlights, needle and cotton are in the far right hand drawer of the
kitchen cabinet.

10 .Garbage
See instructions on kitchen cabinet for collection dates and times.
Garbage is put in the black plastic bags and put in the wheeled trolley that is parked outside the kitchen. Bags are in the utility room above the sink. My house cleaner will set out the wheeled black and gray bins for trash collection.

11. Computer help at Penney Cottage
- Use Warminster Library (Phone # 216022). The service is free, & you can sign in as a guest.
- There is a Warminster library card on the kitchen cork board.
- There is a BT Internet connection.
- Details are in the BT supply box, located in the hallway closet.

12. Paris

Take the train into Paddington from Westbury and a cab to Kings Cross Station. Then board the Eurostar train. Phone to make reservations on the Eurostar:
- Eurostar Phone: 01233 617575
- National Rail: 0345 484950
- Credit Card Sale 0845 7000125

13. English Money
Take enough for coffee, sundries but use ATM or credit card for most purchases.

14. Local Eateries
Heytesbury - .5 Miles - Red Lion- 840-315 - Good food
Heytesbury - 1.0 Miles - Angel - 840-330 - Expensive, Reservations
Upton Lovell - 5 Miles - The Price Leopold - 850-109 - Excellent
Corton - 3 Miles - The Dove - 850-653
- Good
Stockton - 7 Miles - The Carriers - 850-653 - Excellent

15. The Garden
- Garden furniture is stored in the shed
- The key to the shed is in the key cabinet in the kitchen

16. Emergency Phone Numbers
For Wiltshire Police Minicom phone 01380 734 064
- For Warminster Comm. Hospital phone 212 076
- For Wessex Water phone - 0845 600 4600
- For Southern Electric phone 0845 770 8090

17. Car Parking
- There are 2 spaces in front of the cottage. My car permenently occupies (1) space. If you plan on renting (2) cars please let me know so I can arrange to move my car during your visit.

18. Local Bed & Breakfast Choices
- The Resting Post, Heytesbury. Call Felicity on 01985 840 204.
_ www.therestingpost.co.uk
- Home Farm, Boreham, in Warminster. Call Trish on 01985 213 266.
_Email : enquiries@homefarmboreham.co.uk
- Orchard Farm, near Glastonbury/Wells. Call Emma on 01458 851 499.

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