By Car From Gatwick: Two (2) Hours

  • Set the odometer to zero
  • Leave the airport and take M23 toward London, Heathrow, M4
    (DO NOT take M25 to Dartford)
  • At eight (8) miles, get on M25 toward M4 (London, Heathrow)
  • Stay on M25 for approximately thirty two (32) miles from Gatwick and get on M3 @ Junction #12 (Basingstoke, West Country). You need to be in the LEFT HAND LAND and BE ALERT!
  • Stay on M3 until sixty two (62) miles from Gatwick and get on A303 at Junction #8, eight (8) miles west of Basinstoke.
  • Again, be in the correct LEFT HAND LANE and go WEST toward Devon, Exeter.
  • You are now thirty (30) miles from Stonehenge.
  • Turn off the A303 at Wylie (8 miles past Stonehenge) and take A36 (to Warminster, Bath) going NORTH. Be careful at this intersection!
  • After about seven (7) miles, you will get to Cotley Hill round-a-bout (this is about one (1) mile from Heytesbury).
  • Take the Heytesbury exit. As you enter the village, you will see Chapel Road which is the second left turn (Red Lion Pub is across the street). Go up the lane, turn left at the top, and 26 Little London is about 200 yards on the right hand side. Park at the front of the house.

By Car From Heathrow: Two (2) Hours

  • Set the odometer to zero.
  • As you leave the airport, get onto M25 toward M4 West, go to Junction #17 (about 80 miles), then South on A350 to Warminster, then A36 toward Salisbury. Get off at Cotley Hill traffic circle for Heytesbury.
  • Follow instruction above from the round-a-bout.

By Train From Gatwick:

The station is in the South Terminal. Get the train guide booklet at the ticket counter. You need a ticket for WARMINSTER, unless you want to go to London for a few days. Buy a single or return (round trip) depending on whether you will rent a car later. You will have to change trains at Clapham or Salisbury for the Warminster train. Listen carefully to the ticket seller for these instructions, or ask for a print-out of the station changes. There will be cabs outside Warminster Station and it will cost £8 (pounds) to get to Heytesbury.

By Train From Heathrow:

Take the UndergroundHeathrow Express or Heathrow Connect to Paddington and buy a ticket for Westbury. Go to for more options. There will be cabs at Westbury.

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